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JP Soule, clothiers by design

Oilcloth Line
...prices subject to change...

The General:

All the pomp and circumstance the name suggests.  This coat is lined, caped, and pocketed.  A piece that commands attention.






The Admiral:

A coat that will keep the rain at bay.  Lightweight enough to fold and carry when the sun shines.  Perfect for the trekker, it is caped and unlined.







The General's Lady:

Say "NO" to wet wool capes!  Sleek, lightweight, lined for your pleasure.  We love this piece and so will you!







Gun Case:

Give your weapon some respect and protection with this lined and waterproof case.  Fold-over top with ties helps secure your weapon from the elements.  Available in two sizes to fit your full size musket or carbine.

$50.00- 56" fully opened

$60.00 - 67" fully opened






We offer a large number of oilcloth bags in a variety of sizes, styles and colors.  Call for stock update.





All of our products are available in tan or brown and are lined with heavy canvas. 

Coat buttons and Cape clasps are included for you to attach.  This will guarantee a proper fit. 

Each order includes a pack of patching material and our promise to stand behind our products.

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