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Hutterite Handcrafted Items

Montana is home to unique communities known as Hutterites. These colonies have limited access to the "outside world" by choice and their hand crafted items are sought by re-enactors and collectors. Much like the Amish, their work reflects a bi-gone era. For more information on Hutterites, check out their website http://www.hutterites.org/.  You may have seen some colony life on NatGeo TV American Colony: Meet the Hutterites.

Here are some examples of their work.  Custom orders can be taken.

This is an example of a traditional Wedding Day needlepoint sampler, created by the young women of our local Hutterite Colonies.
Each is made to order and personalized for the bride and groom. Prices range from $150.00-$300.00.

Floor rugs, quilts, knitted items, cribs, tables, chests (large and small), baby clothes and more! They can even cobble you some shoes.

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