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Medicine River Trading Company is proud to offer traditional hand forged items from some of today's finest blacksmiths and knifemakers, including ABS Master Knifemaker Ed Caffrey.  Each piece, from our awls, flint and steel strikers, camp tripods and equipment, to the finest Damascus knives and forged tomahawks comes with a very simple guarantee: If it fails due to use (not abuse) for any reason, either you get a new item or your money back!  No ifs, ands, or buts!

Email for current pricing of awls, flint and steel strikers, camp tripods and equipment.

Examples of tomahawks Jack has decorated. Contact him for availablility...

Ed Caffrey


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For more than a decade Ed Caffrey has produced knives and other cutlery. His idea has always been to produce the toughest, best cutting knives possible. Ed believes that a knife must be first capable of performing its basic function: to cut and cut well.  This, however, does not mean that a functional knife cannot also be a thing of beauty.  After trying nearly every material and method available, Ed believes that the toughest, best cutting blades can only be produced through the proper forging and heat treating of the given steel.  With this in mind, all of Ed's blades are produced via the forging method.  Bearing Quality 52100 is Ed's steel of choice;  he also uses 5160 and produces a wide variety of Damascus.

His knives have appeared in national as well as international publications.  Ed was also the first person in the state of Montana to earn the American Bladesmith Society rating of Master Bladesmith.  He is one of less than 80 nationwide to have reached this level of expertise. Ed not only produces modern hunting and utility cutlery, but also "Buckskinner" blades to include friction folders and tomahawks. Ed also offers classes in Bladesmithing and produces ornamental ironwork.  The Gallery images include a Wire Damascus Bowie, a Nickel Damascus drop point with amber and fossilized ivory as well as a tomahawk/drop point hunter set.

Ed was inaugurated into the Montana's Circle of American Masters in Folk and Traditional Arts. Check out his smiling face in this picture from the front page of the Montana Arts Council State of the Arts March/April 2009. That's him in the big ol' hat in the back row!


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